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Jason Hope Fuels Technology Advancements with Funding and Innovative Futurist Projections

jason-hope-portraitAs a highly perceptive and skilled futurist, Jason Hope is known and respected for his predictions concerning future initiatives, discoveries and trends in advanced technologies and their applications. Jason Hope is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor who contributes generously to his favorite causes. Jason’s passions and areas of support include scientific and biomedical technology research projects as well as charitable organizations that support the discovery and development of cutting edge innovations focused on bettering and prolonging the health and lives of global humankind. Having grown up in Hempe, Arizona and earned a degree in finance from Arizona State University as well as an MBA from the W/P/ Carey School of Business at ASU.

Jason donates generous funding to the SENS Research Foundation and its research laboratory at the University of Cambridge, UK, and its ongoing work in the fields of regenerative medicine and anti-aging. His ongoing support enables important global research and collaboration among scientists and medical experts from multiple universities and lab facilities while fueling SENS outreach program and its scientific educational internship at the SENS Research Facility (SFR). Displaying and advocating clarity and precision of comprehension and communication relative to ever-evolving technical improvement and expansion within the U.S. and internationally, Hope encourages and funds collaborative exploration and research.

His innate instinct and understanding of new directions and future trends in globally connected technologies is extremely valuable to both current research efforts and business leaders in myriad areas of industry today. For any CEO or company owner, Jason’s projections and advice for the future is of great assistance in determining the most advantageous ways to capitalize on and benefit from future higher-tech developments. According to present-day trends, he identifies the Internet of Things (#IoT) as a very probable major influencer throughout societies in the coming years with the escalation of varied digital device production and increased connectivity.




Hope’s Predictions for Coming Technology Influencers and Trends

In his latest articles and other writings, Jason tunes-you-into his futurist predictions for coming innovations and trends in advanced technologies advancement. His sharp perceptions and skills for understanding and explaining future hi-tech initiatives and directions relevant to business productivity and politics as part of industry is highly info-relevant and enlightening to his readership. Jason’s immediate and future-focused revelations about the ongoing impact of modern technology transformations and inventions are major fuel for thought and action. Through his writing, he encourages one and all to stay informed and involved with modern tech movements that promote positive life changes and enhancements.

In his post on last June about David H. Dean’s article concerning ways in which governmental initiatives are powering the growing influence of the Internet of Things (IoT), Tobi Bammy quotes Jason Hope concerning his projection of the most significant challenge and change on the modern-tech horizon. Tobi states that, according to tech CEO Hope, “The Internet of Things will change how we use our phones, how we drive to work, how we check our heart rates. The biggest changes, however, will have to do with bringing non-electronic, analog devices into the digital age.”

Bammy then continues that statistics generated by the Internet Data Corporation (IDC) indicate that the count of connected IoT devices in the Asia-Pacific area is predicted to soar from 3.1 billion today to 8.6 billion by the year 2020. Reliable calculations reveal that this huge increase in this segment of the IoT units with connectivity will expand the market size in this region from $250 billion currently to $583 in profits by 2020. Jason also predicts the three primary challenges to this massive growth of IoT as bandwidth, security and maintenance along with updates.